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Saturday, 19 September 2009

New Tapur official version 2.3 released !!

(* important)
If you already have a previous version of Tapur installed, you had better remove it and reboot your computer first.
Please install by administrator privilege

The following improvement was added to a previous version.


(New feature 2.23->2.3 )
+ Win7 support

(New feature)
+ Skype4.0 support
+ Vista 64bit support
+ MP3 realtime encoding support

+ Extension program at the answering machine (mail forwarding / user program).
+ Auto voice recording
+ Hotkeys : Global shortcuts
+ Setting of registration of startup
+ Setting of frame reate for movie recording
+ Improvement of "Save voice file" and "Save movie file" functrions
+ auto restart when system down
+ Germany version (help and installer only) - Translations in German by Peter Fischer(Thanks!)

+ works in multi-user login.
+ when "undisclosed_pstn:xxx" call come.
+ when the end of skype ID is period "."
+ recording did not finish at the time of the call end automatically in some case.
+ some bug fix

 (Bugfix 2.11->2.23)
+ error of the MP3 codec listing.
+ The list indication of the MP3 file took a long time.
+ [Salvage recorde files] menu cause error in some case.(Thanks Wes!)
+ [Options] menu cause error in some case.
+ some bug fix

+ New Tapur icon!
+ Continue playing button : Play button -> Pause button.


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 30 September 2009 )
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