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Monday, 18 April 2011

New Tapur version Official released !!

*This version have following optional  features (not free).

 (Optional features)
+Video recording by compression codec. (uncompression recording is free)

(* important)
Skype5.x may be hung up with using Tapur2.3 often.
After uninstall Tapur2.3, install Tapur5.x.
If you install as public user of windows,  install by administrator privilege

The following improvement was added to a previous version.

<5.1x -> 5.3x>
+ Tapur hang up when you end it on WinXP only.
+ Empty (repaired data) was created after video recording rarely.
+ [Keep Skype video on the top of screen during recording] didn't work sometime.
+ some bug fix
<5.0x -> 5.1x>
(New features)
+Skype5.1 Video support
+ Answering service : Mic isn't muted when recording.
+ Answering service : Duplicate messages are created after stop recording by time limit.
+ Title of message in InBox is "(null)" rarely.
+ After end Tapur, process remains rarely.
+ Tapur hang up rarely when the status of contact list on Skype is changed.
+ some bug fix
<4.2x -> 5.0x>
(New features)
+Skype5.0 Video support
+Bundled recommended free video encoder (Lagarith, Ut Video Codec Suite)
<2.3x -> 4.2x>

(New features)
+ Quality improvement of video recording (smoother video).
+ Video recording : Real time combination of video and audio.
+ Video recording : auto separation.
+ Video recording : includes no window that are layered on video (Win7 only).
+ Extension program : FTP forwarding.
+ Extension program : works for recorded data too.
+ PC Migration tool for PC update.
+ Volume adjustment for recording.
+ Custom hotkeys.

+ [Save video file] : Improvement of 1Gbyte limitation of video export.
+ Extension program - mail forwarding : support SMTP server using SSL (like a GMail).
+ some bug fix

+ Version number : means target skype version.
+ Answering service : finish Video recording.
+ Answering service : finish [Answer by Video] and [Answer by Image].
+ Answering service : records calls without recorde file.
+ Video recording : auto separation when the size of video window is changed.


Last Updated ( Sunday, 15 May 2011 )
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