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Thursday, 29 July 2010

The function of recoding voice is available only on line. Click [Start recording voice] on the toolbar or [Tools] on the menu bar.

*To record voice for 1 hour, about 200MB disk space (WAVE fromat) or about 20MB disk space (MP3 fromat) is required on the C: drive.
*In consideration of privacy, Tapur display a warning message to caller at the time of start time and the end of recording. You can change the warning message in "Voice recording" tab of "Options" menu.

When you pause recording, click pause button. when you stop pausing, click pause button again.
While you are recording, the recording time is displayed on the toolbar.

You can change the direction of a recording voice (only own voice, only caller's voice, both) by clicking the arrow button of the right-side end. While you are recording, you can switch this direction.

A voice is usually recorded as stereo sound. But you can choose a monoral sound in "Voice recording" tab of "Options" menu.


Last Updated ( Sunday, 01 August 2010 )
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