[How to record video]
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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The function of recoding movie is available only on line. And Skype video window must be displayed. Click [Start recording video] on the toolbar or [Tools] on the menu bar.

*Recording video function require more than some Gbytes disk space
on the C: drive. You can reduce your video file size several times less than noncompressed ones.

*In consideration of privacy, Tapur display a warning message to caller at the time of start time and the end of recording. You can change the warning message in "Movie recording" tab of "Options" menu.

When you pause recording, click pause button. when you stop pausing, click pause button again.
While you are recording, the recording time is displayed on the toolbar.

You can change the dierction of a recording voice (only own voice, only caller's voice, both) by clicking the arrow button of the right-side end. While you are recording, you can switch this direction.

A voice is usually recorded as stereo sound. But you can choose a monaural sound in "Voice recording" tab of "Options" menu.

The video recording is realized by capturing screen of Windows. Therefore the state will be just recorded when the other application shut out the screen of Skype.
Tapur locks the screen of Skype automatically on the front to avoid this while you record video. You can cancel this lock in "Video recording" tab of "Options" menu.

Size of recorded movie screen is the screen size of Skype of a point in time when video recording started.
Recording is finished when you change the size of video screen of Skype during recording, but restart soon.

*For a comfortable video recording, The PC which had high-performance CPU, memory, a hard disk is necessary.

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